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How To Keep Rioja Wine After Being Opened

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on October 29 2021

When we open a bottle of Rioja, its flavor improves over time as the beverage interacts with the oxygen in the air. However, exposing the taste to air for a long period causes it to become bland. Learn how to preserve the wines as good as you want from an opened bottle.

Sealing And Storing Wine

Since rioja oxidizes when it comes into touch with oxygen, it must be closed upon opening. A wine's tannins will open and the taste will become progressively worse when it is exposed to the air. Acetobacter, a bacterium found in the air, is to blame. Here are some ideas for preserving your wine fresh.

Cork The Bottle

Upon serving separate bottles of wine from the bottle, it is best to close it immediately. Utilize the cork which comes with the bottles or a usable wine stopper to close the bottle. Correctly re-cork the container by putting the stopper into the container in the same manner that you took the stopper out. Even though it seems simple, avoid inserting the cork into the container with the clean facing side of the wine. Since that might not compromise the beverage if not appropriately cleaned. Tiny size of plastic wrap on the lip of the container and an elastic band will suffice to secure the bottle if you do not have a stopper on hand to cover it with. You can replace the screw cover on the container if there is one.

Place The Bottles In The Freezer Or Refrigerator.

If the container is re-corked, you must place it in a wine cooler or the fridge. If you expose the rioja to air, it will drop its flavor and purity very fast, and it is crucial to remember. It is ideal if you consume a bottle of wine within two to three days after opening it. When you open a bottle of wine, you must not place it horizontally on its side, either on a rack or even in the freezer. It will increase the amount of oxygenation that can reach the wine's contact area. It is important to note that storing wine in the freezer will not prevent it from getting pleasant. However, it will help to decrease the chemical process that causes losing its taste over time.

Avoid Heat And Light

Store an opened container of wine out of direct sunshine and excessive temperatures. Calm, dark places or a refrigerator are ideal. You should avoid temps over 70° F while storing. To prevent overheating and deterioration from the sun, place the bottle apart from the windows. Allow remaining wines to reheat up slowly after removing them from the fridge or another cold location. When you want to serve it, put the container in a bowl of cool water or take it out of the freezer for one hour. A bottle chiller that keeps your bottle at a constant temperature is a good investment if you are a wine lover.


Once you have opened a bottle of Rioja wine, ensure to seal that and preserve it in the refrigerator. You are restricting the exposure of the wine to air, heat, and light by freezing it. The wine will remain fresh for the duration of the evening. Chemical reactions like oxidation are slowed by cooler temperatures. A refrigerated container of wines that has been re-closed may last up to days. When served slightly cold, certain light-bodied reds can be pleasant.