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How To Keep Your Wine Fresh: Seven Tips After Opening It

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on October 28 2021

No glass of wine can crush the heart of a wine lover, quite like the incorrect glass of wine. When you want to preserve a bottle of wine for the following several days, you want to make sure it maintains its freshness and taste, and you must know how to keep your wine fresh

Seven Tips On How To Keep Your Wine Fresh

If you've ever had stale wine, you know it can go wrong. The following tips will help you consume wine whenever the mood strikes.

1. Keep In A Dark Place

A wine shield is a flexible, circular disc placed in a partially consumed bottle of wine. The plastic disc is filled with air bubbles, enabling it to float on the top of the wine. It does not obstruct the bottle's neck but instead moves with it when the bottle is upright.

2. Refrigerate It

Oxygen is the enemy of wine storage. The more wine exposed to air, the faster it degrades. Put your wine in the fridge as soon as you finish drinking it to slow down oxidation. A wine fridge set at 55 degrees will keep your wine cool enough to prevent oxidation.

3. Vacuum Pump

The less oxygen in the open bottle, the better. Connect the pump to the stopper to remove the oxygen from the bottle. Vacuum pumps can only produce a 70% vacuum, according to tests. It leaves a lot of air in the bottle and increases the chance of a seal breach.

4. Use Half Bottles

Instead of bottling the leftover wine in a larger container with more space for air, consider bottling it in a smaller container with less capacity for oxygen. Use a half-bottle to store wine (150 mL or 375 mL). Most stores that sell regular 750 ml wine also sell half bottles. This low-tech technique reduces the air-to-wine ratio.

5. Inert Gas

It is preferable to use an inert gas or one that does not react with the wine. Gases inert Argon or other gas mixes function by replacing the oxygen in the container and forming a protective coating on its surface. In part, because argon is non-reactive and denser than oxygen, it may create a protective barrier over wines to prevent them from coming into contact with air and oxidization. Once the gases have been sprayed, replace the cork as firmly as possible and refrigerate in an upright posture.

6. Wine Stoppers

If you misplaced the cork, you might buy charming wine stoppers to replace it. They are composed of plastic or metal and seal well. The original pin is difficult to return in the bottleneck. Look for ones with soft flanges at the top. Or buy them at wine shops. There are sparkling wine stoppers.

7. Wine Shield

Uncork a wine shield, and it will protect the wine from oxidation. Because of the air bubbles in the plastic disc, it can float on the surface of the wine. When the bottle is upright, the cap moves in sync with the bottle's neck movement.

Enthusiastically, collecting wine is one of the greatest joys in learning about and appreciating wine. But selecting and purchasing wines is just half of the process. At the same time, wine preservation must be accomplished. Apply these seven tips on how to keep your wine fresh.