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Shaoxing Wine: Tips On How To Store And Serve It

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on November 29 2021

The point of drinking wine is to have fun, not to adhere to regulations. Yet, when it comes to wine temperature, there are some rules to follow. However, several great ideas and methods may truly bring out the best in your beloved wine. So, here are some suggestions for storing Shaoxing wine.

Why Is Wine Temperature Important?

Has anyone ever given you a warm bottle of wine? Even though it was certainly drinkable, it was most likely unsatisfying. It is because cooled wines offer more delicate aromas and acids.

Have you tasted wine that was too cool to drink? Excessive chilling wine lessens the flavors and makes it almost watery. Balance it.

While serving temperature is essential, so is storage temperature. Wine is delicate. Too much time in a heated atmosphere can alter, dim, and destroy delicate tastes.

Achieving The Perfect Wine Temperature Of Shaoxing Wine

As we've seen, wine is a delicate drink. Flavors are affected by weather, temperature, daylight, or even the vibration of sound. So carefully storing your wine collections is vital.

Wine may be ruined by temperatures reaching 75 ° in warm climates. You can maintain your collections of wine in a dark and cool place.

You know that not everybody has access to certain luxuries like wine cellars. However, a controlled wine chiller is good. If that wasn't possible, a regular freezer is a good option. Transfer the wines after a month to not dry out the cork.

Keep a watch out for decaying wine bottles to ensure your wines remain as intended. Warmer temperatures can influence the cork in a bottle. The cork may swell as the liquid expands, and your wine will taste old.

The Best Glass Serving

Try freezing sparkling wines for about an hour to serve them at the exact temperature. But continue with care and remember, an hour or more may create a bubbly blast.

Doesn’t have enough time? Even an ice bucket will do. Fill the ice bucket of water and ice to gently cool the wine.

Shaoxing wine must be refrigerated before opening. Instead of placing it in an icebox like sparkling wine, let it rest on the surface. Refrigerate it if the temperature of the room causes the container to warm or sweat too rapidly.

Decanting red wine helps soften tannins and eliminate sediment by allowing it to breathe. Cool the red wine inside the freezer for half an hour, pour, and serve.

The Exact Wine Temperature

Serving wines at the proper temperature enhances their distinct and overall taste. But it isn't as easy as "cold for white wines and room temperature for red ones." The ideal wine temperature varies depending on the wine variety, tannin content, and taste.


You may be enjoying the red wine too warm. While extremely tannic wines like merlot can be served fruitier, lighter, warm reds are better served chilled.

Notably, people can over-chill white wine. Allow white wines to warm gently before you serve to get the most out of them. You will enhance the delicious flavors and fragrances.

Remember these wine storage, chilling, and serving guidelines for the ideal serving. Soon you'll be sipping your beloved wine at its very best.