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Non Alcoholic Wine: How Long Is It Going To Last?

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on November 04 2021

Whether you've ever wondered if a remaining or old glass of wine is still safe to drink, you're not the only one. While some things improve with age, non alcoholic wine is not one of them. Food and drinks do not last forever, and wine is no exception. 

A Non Alcoholic Wine

Those who don't drink were formerly forced to justify making do with regular simple juice and soft drinks, but with the advent of the "sober curious" motion and mindful consumption, a slew of alcohol-free wines, spirits, and beer that remove the liquor but keep the taste. Even so, it may be challenging to find what you're looking for in de-alcoholized wine. We've gathered the three finest products of your preferred varietals, from sparkling champagne to full-bodied cabernet, so you can go teetotal or better meet the requirements of all your visitors during your next celebration.

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Dealcoholized

It is stored in wooden barrels after fermentation in steel material, and the alcohol is "gently eliminated by cold filtering" shortly before packaging.

Sutter Home Fre Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Brut

On the tongue, pear, green apple, and stonefruit scents blend with apple and red berries inside this glass.

St. Regis Chardonnay De-Alcoholized Wine

This Chardonnay has a delicate pear and apple taste that is tempered with a touch of wood.

How Long Does A Non-alcoholic Last?

Annually, the wine industry produces 36 billion bottles of wine, which is great news for all those wine drinkers (wine aficionados) out there! However, one often asked issue is how far this wine can be stored before it becomes unsuitable for drinking.

The five days is only a guideline, but it's a good one. When it is unsealed, it is exposed to air, and nature takes its course. It's not inherently harmful to you after 5 days, although it will deteriorate with time, much like other goods, such as bananas or milk.

Quality wine may keep for years if properly stored and kept unopened. If you have "very inexpensive wine," it must not be kept for too long - consuming it within a year or two is a smart option. It's a different scenario when the bottle is opened.

Signs That Your Wine Is Starting To Spoil

There are indications that your wine has gone bad, both opened and unopened, apart from glancing at the written expiry date. The first thing to check for is any variations in color. excellent white wines that turn golden or opaque and dark-colored wines, such as purple and red, which become yellowish, should be avoided.

The beverage has been exposed to too much air, resulting in a change in hue. Unintentional fermentation may also occur, leaving the wine with undesired small bubbles. It's also an excellent indication if your wine has turned badly if you smell it. A wine that has been held open for an extended period will have a strong, vinegar-like odor, comparable to sauerkraut.


Drinking too much alcohol is not good for our health. The good thing is that there are many non alcoholic wines if you are craving to drink wine. Many people are asking about how long does the non-alcoholic wine last. All wines went badly if it is too old or it didn’t seal properly. Just like other alcoholic wines, non-alcoholic wine has easily gone bad if it is unsealed. Non-alcoholic wine, like regular wine, goes through a maturing process. This procedure is entirely dependent on the kind of wine that the producer wants to create. Aging enhances the tastes of the wine and may be done in some methods, stainless steel tanks, including bottles and oak barrels. If left exposed for too long, it will develop a strong, vinegar-like odor akin to sauerkraut.