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Our Story

We are a real homegrown enterprise that was established and is maintained by individuals who use the items and are knowledgeable about the product line. Each product we sell is still carefully picked by our founder for originality, functionality, durability, and value. We've stayed loyal to our beginnings, and you can be confident that every penny you purchase with us supports a family-owned business, our personnel, and our community, rather than a multinational conglomerate.

FreshWine is a premium wine accessories online business based in Kitzingen, Germany, that serves professionals and individual clients all over the world. We offer anything your business needs to run at its best, with so many goods accessible and countless orders fulfilled. We've added more wine stoppers to our inventory.

Our priority is your comfort, so you may purchase online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your computer, tablet, or phone. FreshWine is the ideal choice for all of your commercial and food service product needs because of our quick shipping, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer service.


Other merchants cannot compete with our FAST delivery and assured quality.

Everything that you need for your kitchen, bar, or winery may be found in our assortment of wine accessories. To ensure you preserve your wine, have a peek at our wine stoppers. Our wine pumps may also be used to remove unwanted air from opened bottles, slowing its oxidation.


You may keep open bottles of wine fresh for extended lengths of time if you use the right wine equipment, such as a wine saver or stopper. We have wine vacuum pumps and wine stoppers to enable you to offer more glasses every bottle, as well as aerators to improve the flavor of your wine.


When you shop from us, you can be certain that you're helping a business that genuinely cares about its customers and carries the products it sells. That means you'll get your products FAST, plus you'll be able to speak with a live person in our Germany warehouse when you phone, email, or chat. Our wine specialists have been educated to be informed about the goods we sell, and if you have a concern about one, they can go get it off the rack and answer it.

Furthermore, because we are a  small business, our special connection extends even farther. It all starts with our team's choice of just high-quality merchandise. It then continues to our experienced customer service representatives and wine experts, who can actually go select most goods off our shelves to provide you all the information you need if you have any questions. Finally, rather than being dumped into a bulk process and flung along by a machine, our staff meticulously manually packs your order soon after you place it.


If the notion that you're helping a small business operated by people much like you isn't enough, you can rest assured that you'll enjoy any product you purchase from us. For you, this means worry-free ordering. If any product you get is faulty, defective, or of poor quality, please notify us right away and we will reimburse or swap it. Here are a few additional reasons why you should like buying from us, in addition to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Best Customer Service

Check it out! Take a glance at what our customers say about us. We take great pleasure in delivering excellent customer service. Unlike vendors who appear to offer the goods but really have contact centers in other places , we can practically go choose many items from our shelves to give you the precise information if you have concerns.  Do you need to swap or refund something? It's no issue! Simply use our convenient Contact Us form to email us your questions, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a reply.

Shopping Guaranteed

Your safety and privacy are our primary concerns. As a result, we don't keep credit card details on file, and all transactions are secured for maximum protection.

Specialty Items

We take pleasure in locating one-of-a-kind fun products that you can love for years. Bottom line, if anything fails to satisfy our quality requirements, it is withdrawn and we cease offering it. You'll have a hard time finding a vendor who will say that! Have you come across anything you believe we should sell? We are always looking forward to hearing from you. Simply go to our Contact Us page and tell us what you'd really like to see on our website!

Returns Are Easy

Returns are simple, whether you buy the product for yourself or as a present. Simply choose the goods you wish to return from your previous orders and we will contact you to arrange a replacement. And it is that simple! You also have a full 30 days to return any purchase, giving you more than enough time to determine if it's suitable for you once it comes!

Our Objective

Our vision is to establish a one-of-a-kind venue with wonderful goods for leisure and daily life. We have to be the first site you think of whether you need kitchen items or unique gift ideas. We, like most of you, had spent hours searching for the right item, and it is for this reason that we developed this site and business, since we believe others have our enthusiasm for classy, distinctive wine stoppers that are simply entertaining!

We hope you are enjoying browsing our unique collection of wine products and that you find our site as enjoyable to browse as we had to create it. Welcome to FreshWine, where total customer pleasure is assured.