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Buying Guide

Your Buying Guide to Wine Stoppers

When you open a bottle of wine, it reduces its freshness almost immediately. The wine has a flat, acidic, and thin flavor to it.

Wine has a number of foes, including light and heat. However, the greatest danger it confronts is oxygen deficiency.

Vinegar is made when wine is exposed to oxygen. When contemplating how to keep wine, it's critical to ensure that your wine is kept as far away from the air as possible. Thinking to seal the bottle after every pour is a nice start, but it's not quite adequate.

You're not alone if you've ever questioned if a leftover or old bottle of wine is still safe to drink. While certain things improve with age, this does not always true to a bottle of wine that has been opened.

How Long Do Wines Last After A Bottle Is Opened?

Foods and drinks do not last indefinitely, and wine is no exception.

When you open a bottle of wine, it's exposed to additional oxygen, heat, light, yeast, and bacteria, all of which can induce chemical reactions that affect the wine's quality.

  • 1–2 days for sparkling wine
  • 4–5 days for light white and rosé wines
  • 3–5 days for a rich white wine
  • 3–6 days for red wine
  • 3–7 days for dessert wine
  • 1–3 weeks for port wine


The key to keeping opened wine is in the refrigerator, securely closed.

Growth of bacteria is still conceivable, though. Pathogenic microorganisms in alcoholic drinks have been discovered to survive for several days or even weeks, according to research.

Among the most important advantages of wine stoppers is that they are quite inexpensive. These will be significantly cheaper than a single bottle of wine from the supermarket. And, if the quality of products is good, they will last for many years. FreshWine  provides a wide range of various wine stoppers to choose from, all of which are reasonably priced. Our wine stoppers are ideal for presents, birthday celebration treats, or simply for yourself and your house. With so many different styles of wine stoppers to choose from, you'll never be bored.

Wine stoppers are able to slow the oxidation of unfinished wine and substituting the original cork prior to refrigeration. If you correctly seal a wine stopper, you may usually keep an opened bottle of wine for another week before oxidation destroys it. You may extend the life of your wine and enjoy it later by using a well-fitting wine cork.

Wine stoppers may be functional as well as ornamental. Based on a variety of design options, they're also a popular gift. You may even prolong the life of a bottle of wine once it has been opened with the correct stopper.

Types of Stoppers to Preserve Wine

Wine stoppers are available in a variety of styles, ranging from extremely basic and ornamental to high-tech.

Decorative Stoppers

These stoppers function similarly to replaceable lids. They usually feature a rubberized section that seals well with the bottle neck or a cork with a decorative button at the head that makes it easier to release from the bottle. Decorative stoppers keep the air out of the wine, but they do enable slight oxidation to occur. These stoppers may prolong the life of a bottle of wine by a day or two, and they exist in a vast range of styles to suit any event, from fanciful Christmas patterns to elegant and bright basic designs to amusing and wacky designs.

Decorative stoppers are a great way to show off your style and personality, and they also make fantastic gifts. Most wine shops have a variety of stoppers, and eccentric variations may also be found in gift and home stores.

When you expect to consume your open bottle within two days, decorative wine stoppers are ideal. They're the cheapest and least effective approach to keep open wine fresh. Stoppers with cork bases are prone to breaking, but metal stoppers last longer.

Pourer Stoppers

These stoppers keep your wine sealed and allow you to pour via a tiny nozzle to avoid leaks. They're generally constructed of metal or plastic, and they work the same way as decorative stoppers in extending the life of wine.

Vacuum Preservation Stoppers

Vacuum preservation stoppers are central to the process that allows you to mechanically pump oxygen out of an opened bottle of wine, producing a vacuum and perhaps extending the life of the wine. The stoppers usually have a utilitarian look, but they make up for it in performance. The rubberized stoppers are inserted into the open wine bottle cap, and a manual or battery-operated pump is then placed on top. The wine is sealed away from air with a few pumps of the handle. These preservation techniques may extend the life of your wine by two or three days after it has been opened.

Stopper Choice Is a Matter of Preference

Even the most long-lasting wine stoppers could only keep open wine for a week or longer. Depending on how quickly you expect to drink your opened bottle of wine, and also your budget and personal preferences, the variety you pick may vary.

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