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What Are The Red Wine Types? The 8 Major Kinds Of Red Wines

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on August 20 2021

There are numerous activities to enjoy, like stargazing, indoor games, popular movies, travels, and many others. On the other hand, wine lovers prefer to love and enjoy making among several varieties of wine, such as white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, and rose wine.

It can be challenging to figure out which wines you enjoy. If you love red wines but have no idea what it is all about, this section details how it tastes and what its types are.

Different Kinds Of Red Wines 

Red wines are alcoholic drinks that are made of crushed and fermented dark-skinned grapes. When it comes to classic grape types, there are plenty to pick from, including Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Zinfandel, Syrah/Shiraz,  Sangiovese, and Nebbiolo. Definitions and differences are listed below. 

1.Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely cultivated acidic, elegant, savory, and dry grape globally. If you are ordering from a menu, this is also a reasonable guess. It is the most popular and well-known wine among wine drinkers and buyers. It tastes even better when served with fatty meats, burgers, and short lamb. The roughness of the cabs will coat your tongue if you are not pairing it with any fat or salt in your meal.


If Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely cultivated, Merlot follows too as the second-most-cultivated grape. It is a starting point if you are new to this and getting into drinkable red wine. In comparison to Cabs, Morlet is naturally lush and produces a sweeter wine. It is best to pair with fatty, saltier, and poultry-based dishes like duck or chicken.


Zinfandel is a unique wine with a complex flavor profile, a luscious texture, and a high alcohol concentration. It's frequently associated with great-tasting mothers. It is a perfect pair with grilled meats, pizza, cheese lasagna, and other dishes, including tart sauces and cheese.


In France and other European countries, syrah is commonly drunk. It has a lower alcohol content than shiraz, which is an Australian blend. This wine is a great experience to drink if you like red wine. With the fragrance of rich fruits like blackberry, this can be spicy, peppery, and robust. Syra is a great wine to serve with charcuterie and spicy foods.


Malbec is a convenient wine with a deep purple hue, plum flavors, and a smoky finish. It is not costly to grow, and it can satisfy both sides of the argument. Despite its French origins, Argentina today produces the majority of the world's Malbec; thus, you'll commonly find the country's name on the label. Malbec pairs well with thinner meats and anything sweet or spicy.

6.Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir wine is a masterpiece renowned worldwide for its rich flavor, captivating aroma, and lengthy, smooth finish. It is one of the few red wine grapes that you can also use to make white, rosé, and sparkling wine, such as champagne. Pinot Noir blends well with sushi and salmon.


Sangiovese is a red grape variety in Italy planted most widely. Generally, a glass of Italian wine is tarter, lighter in body, and more acidic, with a crisp and savory profile—meat, duck, venison, and duck benefit from the wine's sweetness. Pizza and pasta are a better match with Sangiovese. 


Nebbiolo is another Italian favorite with high tannins and a lot of acids. It is a challenging wine since the pale color hides the tremendous flavor. As the wine develops, the flavors get fascinating and complex. It is a perfect match with gamey, geese, duck, and other fatty meats.


You can learn a lot about red wine because hundreds of its varieties grow in every corner of the world. You may go beyond this section to learn more and have a good start for quick delicious types of red wines.