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The Amarone Wine Beginner's Guide

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on October 08 2021

Amarone is a full-bodied red wine made in Valpolicella in northeastern Italy's Veneto region.It is well-known for its robust taste. It has a strong alcohol level, ranging from 15 to 16 percent. Amarone is a popular choice among Vincarta customers. As a result, we wanted to offer it the attention it deserves. We'll go over all you need to understand in this brief tutorial. From the origins, production, and flavor of a normal bottle of our favorite wine. While our primary goal is to provide a good summary of Amarone, there is lots of interesting information for you enthusiasts.

The Evolution of Amarone

Amarone is believed to have been invented as long back as Ancient Rome. It was a great match for the Romans' preference for extremely alcoholic wines.

Amarone was created by chance, according to mythology. Following the over-fermentation of a forgotten barrel of Recioto. When the winemaker retrieved the barrels, the dry, mellow, and fragrant wine within was a pleasant surprise. And so, Amarone as we know and adore it, was created.

Quantity As Well As Quality

Veneto, the home of Amarone, produces the most wine in Italy. Each year, the area generates 10 million hectolitres on average.Given that the vast bulk of it is ordinary. However, some world-class Valpolicella growers make excellent wine. These are some examples:

  • Monte dei Ragni
  • Novaia
  • Quintarelli
  • Our friends at Piccoli

    Amarone is designated as a DOCG wine as of 2011. This implies that the wine's production is carefully monitored and regulated. This guarantees that only the highest quality grapes are used to fill your bottle. It also implies that you are purchasing something that's been painstakingly crafted.

    This implies that a decent bottle of Amarone will typically cost between £30-£50. If you consider the amount of grapes needed in the manufacturing as well as the time required to make a bottle, this price is reasonable.

    Amarone's Amazing Journey From Vine To Vincarta

    To be classified as an Amarone, the wine should contain just a certain type of grapes. These are some examples:

    • Corvina
    • Corvinone
    • Rondinella

      Amarone makers utilize a technique known as ‘appassimento' to convert these grapes into wine.The grapes are dried for 3-4 months before being gently pressed and fermented to dryness. The wine is then matured in barrels for two to five years. The wine is then bottled and ready to be sent all over the globe.

      In A Single Glass, You May Experience The Flavors Of Veneto.

      Amarone wines are full-bodied, strong, and rich. This is due to their lengthy drying, fermenting, and aging process. This technique imparts a more 'concentrated' flavor to the wine.

      Choosing The Ideal Combinations

      The greatest way to enjoy a bottle of wine is with fine hands or even better food. Amarone is luxurious enough to be consumed as an evening aperitif. Alternatively, it may be served as a side dish alongside rich and substantial fare.


      In other words, this wine is ideal for a "date night" dinner. It is also perfect for a night of chocolate-scoffing.