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How To Reseal A Wine Bottle?

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on October 22 2021

While many wines now have twist-off caps, there are still numerous types that require corks. If you don't finish the bottle all at once, resealing certain kinds may be a little more complicated. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to save your wine for later enjoyment. Continue reading to learn the ways to reseal a wine bottle.

Six Ways To Reseal A Wine Bottle

It is advisable to reseal a wine bottle after you've finished pouring from it.  Here are six ways to plug the opening of your wine bottle to keep as much air out as possible.

Twist And Tilt Method

With the proper technique and a decent corkscrew, you may be able to push it back into the bottle. Examine the cork to determine which end was inside the bottle. The inner end should be reinserted since the outer end may be dusty. Reseal the wine and refrigerate it for three to five days.

Wrap The Cork In Waxed Paper

The pin and glass are probably too close together for hand to get the cork back in. Wrap the cork with waxed paper to minimize friction. This technique keeps the wine chilled for three to five days.

If You've Misplaced The Cork, Use A Paper Towel.

No matter how well you open wine, the cork may crumble or crack, rendering it unresealable. If that occurs, a paper towel, plastic wrap, and a temporary tape pin. Quick solution till you locate a cork or a wine stopper, but it works. It barely lasts a few days, so change it immediately.

Make Use Of Wine Stoppers

They are inexpensive and straightforward to use. They're also readily available at most kitchen and wine supply shops. If you like wine but seldom finish a bottle, have a few on hand. Simple stoppers may be found for a few dollars, while it can see ornate pins for $15 to $20 for three. Keep a few on hand in case you need to connect an unused bottle of wine. Stoppers are similar to recorking the wine. They can keep it chilled for 3–5 days.

Use A Wine Saver

Inert gas (argon) or vacuum are used to seal wine savers. These devices help preserve wine longer by removing or replacing the air in the bottle, which causes oxidation and taste loss. Simple vacuum sealers and stoppers are available for as little as $10, while systems including inert gas injection may cost several hundred dollars or more. An inert gas sealer may keep the wine fresh for months or even years.

Recorking Champagne And Sparkling Wine

Sparkling and champagne wine often have tapered corks that will not fit back into the bottle. Save the pin from an old bottle of non-sparkling wine. For added freshness, you may place a spoon into the bottle's opening.

You should reseal wine after opening since it will begin to oxidize if exposed to oxygen. Sometimes resealing a bottle of wine may be difficult, but it is essential to reseal a wine bottle.