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Cabernet Sauvignon: Proper Storing When It’s Open

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on November 08 2021

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the finest planted wines in the world and has been recognized for its aging and maturity across the bottles for decades. To anybody serious about collecting the Cabernet Sauvignon is essential to learn how to preserve it optimally. The bottle should lie flat, and with markings facing up in the dark, the wine must be kept at approximately 55°F at 70 percent of moisture under constant circumstances. When opened, Cabernet will survive for up to seven days when you have a quality bottle in your kitchen fridge. The bottle will stay upright.

Why Open Cabernet Goes Bad

The red wine is oxygenated to vinegar. Thus the key to storing open red wine is to minimize the quantity of oxygen contacting the surface. Many techniques increase shelf-life by limiting oxygen exposure by either substituting or eliminating oxygen or lowering the wine surface. Some red wines may be kept for almost a week with the required TLC.

Basics After Opening

After each glass, re-cork the wine. Keep the liquor bottle open and saved it at room temperature. In most instances, a cooler is used to maintain wine long and especially red wines. Logging at lower temperatures slows down chemical reactions, particularly the oxidation process when the wine touches on oxygen. Cork stored wine is kept reasonably good for approximately 3-5 days inside the refrigerator. That's a beautiful beginning, but we can do better, I believe!

Freshness Tips

  • Store the wine horizontally to limit the oxygen-exposed surface area for optimum outcomes.
  • Prevent abrupt fluctuations in temperature, such as fast from cold to hot, which may harm your wine.
  • In calm water, you can reheat a red wine bottle. Make sure you do not use hot water. Only a little warmer than the temperature in the room.

What To Prevent If Open Red Wine Is Stored

  • Evite storage on your side - increase the oxygen-exposed surface area.
  • Don't keep it via a window - due to exposure to the light and discolors.
  • Don't keep more than 70 off - better store wines open in a refrigerator!

If you do not want to purchase any equipment to conserve wine, try replenishing wines inside a smaller container so that the quantity of wine affecting air is reduced.

Once Opened, How Long Cabernet Lasts

In a way, the age and style of the wine concerned are a matter of your preferences and sensitivity of the palate. I'm chic and only drink wine for around 24 hours, although I know some wine experts will store a bottle for many weeks or days.

Drink what you like! Drink what tastes nice! Younger wines may profit from being exposed for some time and can develop up to 24 hours after opening when air interacts with wine. It's a great exercise to open a bottle every hour and taste it and notice the changes in the fruit, acidity, and tannin characteristics.

Finally, every wine gets to a point when the adversary is the oxygen, and the tastes are aggravated. This is usually done quicker for an aged wine, and a smaller bottle may hang out for a little longer.


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