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6 Tips For Storing Riesling Wine

Marie Gabrielle

Posted on November 15 2021

Curating a wine collection that is unique to your preferences is one of the greatest joys of learning about and appreciating wine. However, purchasing and choosing wines is just half of the procedure; you must also preserve them. When properly stored, Riesling wine may keep increasing in value and quality. On the other hand, even the finest wines in the world may be destroyed by poor storage conditions.

Tips For Storing Riesling Wine

The most straightforward and most efficient solution is maintained at the ideal temperature all of the time, but you may not have explored this option yet or lack the necessary space. Here are some fundamental principles for adequately storing Riesling wine:

1. Maintain The Proper Temperature For Riesling Wine.

The ideal temperature for short-term or long-term wine storage is 55 ºF (13 ° C), although this varies depending on the wine. Temperature changes may cause the cork to expand and compress, enabling the wine to leak out of it.

2. Store It Horizontally.

If your wine bottles have corks, store them horizontally in a wine rack. In addition to helping to keep the cork wet, storing wine on its side helps keep the wine fresher for more extended periods. A dried-out cork may lead to seepage and premature aging. While keeping screw-top wine bottles on their sides is not required, horizontal storage is an effective method to store your wines for optimum space and quick access.

3. Light And Vibration Should Be Avoided While Storing.

Keep your wine in the dark as much as possible, whether you're keeping it for months, weeks, or days. UV radiation from direct sunlight may harm the tastes and aromas of the wine. Keep wines away from vibration sources, including washers and dryers, gym equipment, and radios. Vibrations in the bottle may disrupt sediments, interfering with the delicate process that allows wines to age properly.

4. Maintain Proper Humidity.

Keeping your wine cellar dry may extend the life of your wine. Dry corks may expose the Riesling wine to oxygen in low humidity. Higher humidity levels may cause labels to peel off bottles, making them harder to display or sell. Your wine cellar's humidity should be between 60 and 68 percent.

5. Storing Open Bottles Of Riesling Wine Properly.

The key is to get it back as quickly as possible and with as much force as you possibly can. Wine should be re-corked by wrapping it in wax paper and placing it back in its original place. A wine vacuum pump is a device that allows you to remove air from an open bottle of wine.

6. It Must Be Served At The Appropriate Temperature.

Riesling wine should be served slightly chilled, between 58 and 65°F (12 and 19°C). Younger wines are kept at the warmer end of the temperature range, while older wines are stored at the more excellent end.

It is essential to keep Riesling wines at the correct temperature to maintain their taste and balance over time. Please do not allow your wine to be harmed by the conditions in which it is stored.